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From the senior HR executive of a leading international electrical domestic appliances company

“Thank you for your work on the project. I think that the programmes you delivered and the support you provided have certainly helped the redundant employees to find alternative employment or start their own businesses. The new HR Manager….. will contact you if she requires any assistance with outplacement in the future.”



From the Managing Director of a financial services group :

We have had superb support from Fresh Fields….”


From another Managing Director of a civil engineering company :

“I would like to thank you for your assistance and support …….. and am extremely pleased that we were able to receive the benefit of your offices……”


From a senior executive in a public sector organisation :

“I should like to take the opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support. We very much appreciate your helpful and flexible approach……”


From a redundant senior manager working for the firm whose testimonial appears at the top:

“I was offered the position of Commercial Manager that I was interviewed for. It’s been an emotional month, with the redundancy and everything and…. I hadn’t dared to think I would find a job so quickly. Your …wisdom has already proved useful in my job search and you have given me….. confidence and helped me to be proud of my achievements.”


From an executive of a business closely associated with a well-known university :

“Thank you for all your efforts with the workshops you ran recently. ……… there are four people who were re-employed within two days of their employment ending with us, several folk have had second interviews so far and more have been for first interviews.”


From an executive in the space satellite industry :

“Many thanks for running the workshops for us. A fair number of people are now re-employed once more or they are in the final stages of interviews.”


From a senior manager whose job became redundant :

“It was good to see you again. I have always felt lifted following our meetings in the past and today was no exception…….many thanks again.”


Another executive who attended our programs wrote :

“As always, thank you for your kind thoughts and help which go far beyond (the limits of) our company’s contract with you for sure.”


From an IT specialist following the redundancy of his position with a large defence industry company :

“Thank you for your time yesterday. It was very useful in helping me to decide my way forward and I look forward to working with you.”

He was re-employed less than 5 weeks after writing that.


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